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Friday, June 25, 2010

Folk art wolf puppet. Possibly magic. - eBay

Folk art wolf puppet. Possibly magic. - eBay (item 200487505908 end time Jul-01-10 12:24:02 PDT)

Seriously?? I mean, really??

All I wanna know is, who gave you access to the innanets?
It better be magic, coz it sure ain't cute! LOL

Naw... this is a listing by one of my all time favorite bloggers and random minds, The Bloggess.  She's singlehandedly responsible for 3 gallons of coffee being explosively spit in various areas of my home, and the ruining of at least 3 major computer components from said spitting.

May the random be with you, dude!

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Thursday, June 24, 2010

random facelift

This post serves no purpose except to state the obvious.  I changed the looks of things around here.  I'm not ready to follow my eTwin Alise over to WordPress.  I'll stick to my comfort zone over here at Blogger... It's nice and simple.  Like me.  Yeah, I said it.

Anyhoo... I really wanted the background to be a cornfield, but the best I could find on the design page was a wheat field.  Close enough.  It's rural.  

Leave me a comment, let me know what you think.  I will probably be adding some pages and features later, but it will definitely hafta wait until summer semester is over.

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Yes... that's my kid... *sigh*

It's been a minute.  For the record, school is OFFICIALLY kicking my ass.  I need better people, coz y'all shoulda talked me outta this summer semester nonsense.


I have blog material that has been marinating away in my wee brainy brain for better than a week now b/c I just didn't have a spare moment to post!  But tonight, I have broken away from my homework shackles and escaped into the blogosphere!!

So, it all starts with me at school last Tuesday.  I'm on my way home and Mr. Man texts me that there are power lines down on the side street by our house.  Power's out.  Storm is over.  Well, where I was in class, there were no clouds, much less a storm going on, so I hit him back for details.

Cut to me pulling up in front of the house.  Sure enough, the neighbor's tree is down in the middle of Peach Street, and it took the power line and two poles with it.  I also see my son, whom I love (honestly, I really do!) running around the yard looking like Mowgli... barefoot, no shirt, filthy, and dragging branches around the yard.  Before you ask, he was "building" a hut... no, I don't know why.  Sheesh.

Like any good mother, I tell him to get his little greenbean butt in the house and quit bringing everybody's branches in my dang yard!! I also told him to get a shirt and some shoes on.  Well, I get inside, and I think the boy is in his room playing with his matchbox cars when Mr. Man says, "Woooooow.... they sent a news crew."  Sure enough, a couple of the local stations find it necessary to cover the downed tree.  In all fairness, the storm took out power to a couple thousand homes and businesses, which considering we are in the middle of a cornfield is pretty wide spread, so I guess, since it is a cornfield, that counts as news.

Well the next thing I know, I see my dad (he lives in the basement) walking Roger the Rat Terrier past the dining room window.  First, that man never walks that dog.  Second, that man never walks that dog!!!  Did I mention the news crew?  Long story short: dad gets interviewed, my soul shrivels a little.

I see the news van pull off, and I think the worst is over.

No.  I am so totally wrong.

"Hey, there's another van... channel 3 this time," says Mr. Man.
"For God's sake, don't tell dad!" says me.

A very short while later, it hits me that the boy has been awfully quiet for an awfully long time.

"Ummmm, baby?" says Mr. Man, "You better look out the window...."

And what do I see when I look out the window?  

Lemme tell you.... I see Mowgli riding his bicycle on the street where the downed power lines and fallen tree are stretched out!!!  

"Oh for the love of God!!!!! Marc, go get him!!!!"

The child was riding down our driveway (about 25 feet away from any real danger), down the street smack in the middle of the news crew's shot, up the sidewalk and across the yard back to the driveway, over, and over, and over again in a blatant attempt to get on the news!  So Mr. Man goes and retrieves my media hungry child and brings his bad lil' butt back in the house.

It's not five minutes later.... "Daaaaannnnngggg..... baby, look out the window..."

Now before you think he was on his bike again, let me tell you, he does listen for the most part, and when the big man told him to put his bike up, he did.  However.... my child was in the yard, not 10 feet away from where the news crew was interviewing a dude from the county safety commission, serenading them ON HIS GUITAR with "Ol' Joe Clark."

"Dammit!! Get him back in here!"

We both go out after him this time.... bring him in, and tell him to stay put.

Another five minutes, and I hear the dog barking.  I look out, and the boy is walking the dog this time.  

"I got it baby..."  Mr. Man retrieves child for the third time.

I collapse in chair.  

The next day at work, my fellow nurses and I are talking about the storm and stuff.  The conversation turns to the news coverage.  One of the girls says, "I saw that on channel 3... and I said to my husband, 'Who let's their kid ride their bike around downed power lines?'"

And my soul dies a little more.... 

If you wanna see the kiddo's TV debut, click the link.  Forward to about the middle.... I'm so proud. o_O

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Sunday, June 6, 2010

A little homework, a little G-Chat....

I'm starting to think I ought to rename this blog "Chronicles of an Old Bish in School Again," but naw... I'd hafta change too many links.  Anyway, as I worked on my web based class assignments tonight, the g-chat box popped up, and there was my eTwin!!  Yay!  She was excited that the Bull City Slam Team won SouthernFried Poetry Slam... AGAIN!!  Woot!!  Her hunnybunny Elliot Axiom is a member of the team... Go EL!!!!

Anyhooooo....  Amy + Alise + g-chat = silly.  Enjoy.

This first screen shot is at the end of the segue from one topic to another.... her typing something I was just about to type, me telling her to get out of my head, her refusal to vacate the premises....

Now here I go telling her what kind of conundrums I am charged to address:

And the punchline...

Well, that's what we use it for!!

Have a ratchetness filled week, y'all!! I'll be checking in now and again...

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Friday, June 4, 2010

I am not simple minded....

Hey!! I heard that!  Shut it, you!  I'm not simple minded.  However, the person who wrote the text for one of my classes apparently did not know that.

It's a computer science class.  Actually, there's not all that much "science" to it.  It's more like a "How to use Office" class.  And, ummmm..... I can read.  Pretty much, if you can read, you can use Office.  I'm just sayin'... it ain't rocket surgery or brain science.

So, it looks like a fun filled 8 weeks of diddling about with Word, Excel, Access, and PowerPoint...  yeah.
And the book is a three inch thick, spiral-bound tome.  Fun to lug around.

And I'm coming to the realization that between the kiddo, the workjob, and school, I am looking at some seriously compromised blogging/Twitter/Facebook time.  Hmmm....

But I promise if any truly noteworthy foolishment or rachetness or hosh*t crosses my path, I will make the time to blog it out!!

In the meanwhile, enjoy this fuggary:

Shout out to O Hell Nawl! coz that's where I first saw this mess... laughed til I almost peed!

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