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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Pulling a grounded ship and other exercises in futility....

Ever watch the Pirates of the Caribbean movies? I watch them as often as I can... I love 'em. I'm a Johnny Depp stan. Even if he does look like he might have questionable bathing habits with a resultant unique personal odor, I will still watch any movie he's in. And if you disagree with me, you're wrong, that's all. I won't hold it against you though.

You know the scene in World's End where Jack is trynna pull the ship across the salt flat desert? He's pulling as hard as he can, in his delusional state, thinking he can make it move.


This scene!

This scene is a nearly perfect analogy for certain things in my life.
It is the ultimate exercise in futility.

Ok, nevermind the lil' stone/crab critters that eventually come to his aid... I know the ship eventually moved, but it wasn't coz Jack's crazy ass was pulling it! In fact, by the time the crabs came to bail him out, he had collapsed from the futility of trying to pull a landlocked ship along salt flats! It wore his loony self right out. Alright, alright..... so it was the whole shock of the rock being a crab thing that made him pass out... whatever. Jeez, you're argumentative tonite!

Anyhoo... as I sit here, stressing about stuff that I think is unfair at the workjob, or injustices in the world, or the fact that try as I might to change certain things at home, they just seem to stay the same.... I feel like Captain Jack pulling the hell outta that rope. Putting all this effort into a task that is just not do-able. Getting, well... nowhere fast, and exhausting myself in the process.

So, if y'all don't mind, I'm gonna let that rope go, and hang out 'til the crabs arrive. Or some such a thing...
You know what I mean.

This one is another of my favorite Captain Jack moments... "Well tha's ev'n more than less than unhelpful..."

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Saturday, July 17, 2010

I really do have a point, here...

Sometime this past spring, it occurred to me it would be a good idea to take summer semester classes. We won't get into the folly of that thought, or the fact that I clearly need more people, as we have covered that ground already....

Skip to the point where I say that my computer science class has been the bane of my existence. Yes. The bane of my existence... for reals. It isn't hard, just busyworks me to death!!

Here's a brief synopsis of my current frustration... we were assigned to write two papers.  First one was to address how computers figure into my chosen major--nursing (and if you didn't know that, well, you are either new or slow...). First paper done, no prob.  On to second paper... topic: choose an IT career that you would be interested in, write all about the requirements, duties, salary, job forecast, and why you chose that career... la di da...

I chose the career website design/development, or as our TEXT refers to it... Webmaster! I turn in my topic paragraph and get told that this is not an IT career, but a career that uses computers.

You had to know this was coming....


I said it... I made the face... I felt the sheer confusion and dismay...

Then I decided to go all the way in!!

First, however, I gathered all of my Facts & Examples (shout to O Hell Nawl)....

Exhibit A
Taken directly from the index of the text book... Computing Essentials Complete 2010, O'Leary and O'Leary

There it is, plainly, webmaster, page 49.

Exhibit B
Heading and beginning paragraph from said page 49....

And finally.... Ladies and Gentlemen of the Jury.....

Exhibit C
Smiling Webmaster Guy
who loves his gatdambed
IT job!!!
(On page 49)

I sent a sternly, but respectfully, worded email to the instructor and presented my case.  Two days ago, mind you. I have yet to get a response, but I noticed on my grades that my points have been changed from 0/5 to 5/5 on my topic choice. And while I am gratified that apparently my topic choice is going to be allowed, methinks that the lack of response to the email smacks of .......

Yeah... let me censor myself. The semester ain't over yet.... but you know where I was going with that, don't you? That's why I luv y'all.... you really get me!

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Thursday, July 15, 2010

The Hokey Pokey 2010. � Splackavellie Central

The Hokey Pokey 2010. � Splackavellie Central

I swear, sometimes Ihaaaaatechuuuuu, Brokey McPoverty!!

For real, though, if you haven't checked out Splackavellie Central, you just gotta... Homegirl is seriously disturbed, but there's some funny shiznit to be amazed by over round her eCrib.

Getchu Some...

Saturday, July 10, 2010

I should be doing homework....

...and isn't that a pitiful thing to be saying on a Saturday night??? But it's true. And that makes me feel profoundly irritable!!  Mr. Man is off to do his DJ thing in Sikeston, the kiddo is at a swimming party, and all I can think is, "Awesome! The house is quiet. Maybe I can get that last spreadsheet done for my computer science class, and then I can start on the next module..." My next thought is, "Wow... what a nerd I am!"

Which is probably why Rebellious Me has taken control and is writing a blog post instead of crunching make believe data for a pretend travel agency into an Excel spreadsheet.  I could be wrong, but nah... that's why.

And I haven't even anything worthwhile to blog about.  My brain, which I normally engage for foolery and ratchetness,  is otherwise engaged with scholastic minutiae.  My wit has been subjugated to theory and evidence based practice.  I am thinking in terms of APA format.  I caught myself starting to add citations and references to my mother lovin' gchat, for crying out loud!  It's gonna be a long two years.  And the kicker, if I could somehow stop sleeping and eating altogether, and find a way to manage a full time class load, I'd be done this time next year.  Done, dammit!!  But I'm too old to get down like that anymore.

Speaking of gchat, if it weren't for Alise randomly popping up on my screen as I worked, I would probably have come unwound already.  Thank you, Sis, for saving my insanity. (Yes, insanity.)

Well, Practical Me is taking over again.  She says that since we like sleep and plan to do that at some point tonight, we must get back to the homework.  By the way, the picture has nothing to do with the post, it just amused the mess out of me.

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