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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Vainglorious Side-Eyes from "DirtyPrettyThangs"

Oh, how I love it when a day starts off well!! It is the bee's knees, Pooh's honey, and the air I breathe when I start my day off with a new post from one of my favorite bloggers. And if there just happen to be amazing side-eyes involved, well, all the better!

This morning, my dread of an upcoming stats exam was mitigated and my mood elevated by the coolest lady in DC, ThePBG. Her blog DirtyPrettyThangs is one of my staples. It has everything! And today, it gave everything, including a new Honoree for the Side-Eye Hall of Glory. (Yes, I realize I'm remarkably inconsistent with the title, but that's just because... well, it just is.)

So, without any further discourse... allow me to present the 
Honoree for Side-Eye Versatility and Vaingloriousness! 
(I don't know her name, I'm sorry.)

Each of these pictures tells a story! I love how expressive this woman's face is.  But she prob'ly doesn't wanna pursue a career in high stakes professional poker... just sayin'.

Go to DirtyPrettyThangs to see her expressions in context. I promise, once you see the video these stills were captured from, you will roll!

The last one is my personal favorite... 

Welcome to the Side-Eye Gallery of Greatness, Ma'am!

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