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Sunday, August 29, 2010

So much to post, so little time....

First of all, hi! How ya been? Busy but good, here. Thanks for askin'!

A ton of blogworthy stuff has happened, and I can't remember all of it, but here goes what I do remember...

So you remember not too long ago, around the end of May, the post about E's new cat? Well, somehow, in his mind, the boy had it rationalized that since Graham Cracker (Cracka A. Craka, in a *Chris Rock voice,* in my mind) is a full grown cat, then obviously he still had a kitten coming to him. So I come home one day and he's brought this little ball of black fur with claws and teeth into the house. He shoves the kitten into my face and announces:

"I named him Blackie Chan!"

Oh really? Did you, now?

"What? You named him what?"
"Blackie Chan. Can I keep him?"
"Ummm... okay... and you came up with this all on your own?"
"Yeah. He's black and white*, just like me. And he has kung fu man moves, like Jackie Chan."

Okay...*look of profound resignation* Coz you see what I did to myself there? The stammering I did, trynna come to grips with my 7 year old naming a black kitten "Blackie Chan," I used the word "okay".... which naturally was interpreted as consent.

"Why Mom? Did I say something bad?"
"No... just nevermind. Wait... did you say the kitten has 'kung fu man moves?'"
"Yeah!! It's awesome, watch!"

Then the child proceeds to play with said kitten until he did indeed display some wicked cool kung fu action poses!

Needless to say, we now have two cats.  Cracka isn't all that fond of Blackie Chan yet, but that's the way it goes with cats. They're learning to coexist. It's a process. And please do not confuse this with social commentary. I promise there is no correlation between house cats and the state of "post-racial" society in general! I'm ok with that if you are.

What I can't come to terms with is the fact that my son chose two so appropriate yet inappropriate names for these cats....

*mama cat was black, daddy cat was white, so no, E, not JUST like you, the same but opposite.

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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Vandalyzm: New Music Drops Today!

Vandalyzm: Megatron Majorz/Redux

You should really just go to iTunes and cop this.... but coz Van is that kinda dude, you can go to Bandcamp and listen to his new/redo drop before you drop your money.

Now lemme say this, I have a lot of Van's music. And I irritate his ol' bootleg Usher looking ass on the Twittuh on occasion. He's a good hearted jackass. A Good Guy. And all of his music that I have, he has put out there for de free. So, he's given his fans and supporters a lot of his music and himself, it's time to show him some luv and buy that Megatron Majorz/Redux.

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Saturday, August 14, 2010

Link to Dr. Goddess...Revelations: Our Fascination with the Antoine Dodson Situation

Revelations: Our Fascination with the Antoine Dodson Situation

Click this link. Read this blog. While we laugh and find amusement at Antoine's delivery, the sad truth is someone broke into the Dodson's home. And the other sad truth is that apparently, precious little is being done about it.

All it takes for evil men to triumph is for good men to do nothing. Don't remember who said it first, but they said it best.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Sunday shooting leaves one dead � Local � Mt. Vernon Register-News

Sunday shooting leaves one dead � Local � Mt. Vernon Register-News
(click the link for the full story)

And this? This shxt right here is why I left the Vern when I had my son. Boolshiggity like this should not be commonplace in a town of 14,000. Middle schoolers should not be getting arrested for slingin' and getting pregnant and whatnot.

It JUST SHOULDN'T BE LIKE THIS!! It shouldn't be accepted. It shouldn't be tolerated.

But it is.

We need to expect better and do better. Coz we dang sure all know better!!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Vote T.E.A.M. HIV/AIDS: Provide teens with peer to peer education and awareness

Vote T.E.A.M. HIV/AIDS: Provide teens with peer to peer education and awareness

It has been a little minute since I have embarked upon one of my famous HIV awareness rants...

...but that doesn't mean I don't still care!! Please follow the link and vote for these kids to get the grant. Young people are being infected and diagnosed at an alarming rate. Education, awareness, and prevention are our best weapons against this virus. Help these two fifteen year old girls achieve their goals of educating and raising awareness among their peers! 

And don't forget to check out The Red Pump Project 
and throw them some support!

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