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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

gratitude inducing television

so i stayed up waayyy too late last nite watching intervention on A & E and twittering (like that's something new). anyway, this morning, i woke up profoundly grateful that i have a relatively decent family--aside from my fathead brother and one profoundly psycho cousin of my dad's. i also found myself really glad that i don't think twice about makin' an ass of myself in kroger if it means that my son will take me at my word and straighten his narra ass out!

which leads me to this random mental chunklet, why are we as parents so embarassed about having to correct our children? i mean, everybody's kids show their butts from time to time, and it's usually in a place or at a time when they think mama's not gonna correct them. but you see, i was raised by a woman who regularly threatened to "beat the sleeves offa" me. and she meant that shit. and she didn't care where we were when she did it. granted, that was back in the day when all the teachers at my school had an "enforcer" and corporal punishment was not only accepted, but expected. now, i'm not sayin' i'm in favor of beatin' chilluns, but back then, everybody understood that 1.) children would push their limits, and 2.)adults were responsible for reigning them back in. there was no shame in it.

now people are worried about hurting their kids' self esteem and their wee lil feelins--well, honey, ya gotta get the little darlin's used to it, because it will happen sooner or later. and if they haven't learned how to deal with it, they're gonna be in trouble. giving your child an honest appreciation for his strengths and weaknesses is a lot kinder than promoting an unrealistic overinflated over indulged ego. discipline, limits, rules--kids need that shit, desperately. there's no shame in a child's misbehavior. that's how they test their boundaries. parents, there's no shame in enforcing those boundaries. it's ok to loudly tell your child, "you need to act like you have some sense!! you just lost your psp for a week and bought yourself 10 minutes with your nose in a corner!!" for some reason, my six year old HATES the corner. i admit, i have found corners in walmart and put the boy in check in the store.

no shame in it people, check ya kids before you find yourself on A & E cryin' ya eyes out like ol' Tammy.

peace and blessings!!

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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

mental emesis (brain earlin')

just some thoughts. nothing too strenuous, promise.
wtf is up with making every thing white chocolate and peppermint at Christmas time? first off, white chocolate? oxymoron. there is not a single bit of cocoa in white chocolate, so by the very definition, it cannot be chocolate. fact. second, why combine something that is nasty on its own with peppermint. that's not gonna make it any better! ewwww. some things are wrong in theory and practice. this is one of those things. ok. that's all. evrybody return to your previous activities. thank you.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

I might need an innanets innavention

Ok, I have no intention of taking the blame for this, but I think I have developed an ever expanding innanets problem. It started with myspace and facebook. Actually, it started at work. I am a nurse at Herrin Hospital in Herrin, IL. About the closest town that anyone has actually heard of there is Carbondale--and then pretty much only if you follow college sports. The Salukis hold their own for being in the middle of corn and soybean fields. Yep, y'all, we're country as hell. Anyway, we at the hospital refer to it as the Double H Ranch or the Ranch. I don't know wtf for, just do. So these Ranch hags are all like, get a myspace, start a facebook. So I did. Then people started finding me. Some of it was cool, others not so much. So the myspace and facebook lead to Twitter. Twitter lead to blogspot. See where I'm goin with this? Myspace is the gateway site to innanets addiction. I'm normally a fairly balanced and well rounded person, but I'm starting to be concerned. I DM people I would have called before and I spend more time with my laptop than my boyfriend. (Oh, but that's material for a subsequent blog.)

Anyway, someday I might take steps to address this problem, but for now, imma go to myspace and make my blog and profile public cuz I've been blogging there for a minit. Gimme time to make the edits, then follow the link.

I did say this was gonna be random.