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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

I might need an innanets innavention

Ok, I have no intention of taking the blame for this, but I think I have developed an ever expanding innanets problem. It started with myspace and facebook. Actually, it started at work. I am a nurse at Herrin Hospital in Herrin, IL. About the closest town that anyone has actually heard of there is Carbondale--and then pretty much only if you follow college sports. The Salukis hold their own for being in the middle of corn and soybean fields. Yep, y'all, we're country as hell. Anyway, we at the hospital refer to it as the Double H Ranch or the Ranch. I don't know wtf for, just do. So these Ranch hags are all like, get a myspace, start a facebook. So I did. Then people started finding me. Some of it was cool, others not so much. So the myspace and facebook lead to Twitter. Twitter lead to blogspot. See where I'm goin with this? Myspace is the gateway site to innanets addiction. I'm normally a fairly balanced and well rounded person, but I'm starting to be concerned. I DM people I would have called before and I spend more time with my laptop than my boyfriend. (Oh, but that's material for a subsequent blog.)

Anyway, someday I might take steps to address this problem, but for now, imma go to myspace and make my blog and profile public cuz I've been blogging there for a minit. Gimme time to make the edits, then follow the link.

I did say this was gonna be random.


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