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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Now there's Side-Eye greatness in my Gmail....

Relentless pursuit of the perfect side eye... this is my never ending mission. It is more than a hobby, more than a passion. It is my calling. Fortunately for me, I have some amazing friends who not only understand my obsession, they enable it!! For that I love them forever...

So, in my last post, you got to meet Side-Eye Dog

Side-Eye Dog's magnificence was added to my lifespace by ThePBG.  Peebz also dropped this gem of Side-eyery in my @Replies:

I don't know what the baby snowbunny did but, ummm... she might not wanna keep sitting there all vulnerable and oblivious n shxt.  I'm just sayin'.... That consideration aside, will you just LOOK at the child! Side-eyes of this magnitude aren't made, they're born. This level of Side-eyery is a gift! I just hope that she is being mentored and led well in the Way of the Side-Eye!  

Then today.... oh, my! In my Gmail, I find this treasure:


Yes!!! It's Crownie McLocsface!! And with this Side-eye, I can "hear" the puzzled exclamation.... "Da hell???" Yeah, it's that awesome that I'm having auditory hallucinations, y'all. Hallucinations!!! How incredible is that?

Got a great Side-eye? Leave me a link in the comments!

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Monday, September 20, 2010

Side-Eye Glory in my @Replies....

Hey, y'all! The greatest thing just happened to me!!! And it's all thanks to ThePBG!! (I lubs ThePeebz!!!)
Yesterday, the Twitter had eaten all of my @Replies. So while Mr. Man and I watched Monday Night Football (ok, he was watching, I was pestering Blackie Chan...), I decided to check and see if the Tuhh-wittuhhh had decided to give them back.  And it had... a few.

But the really great part was the new @Replies that had appeared

Well... of course I had to investigate... And what I discovered was more precious than unicorn tears, more glittery than pixie-dust, more uplifting than phoenix wings.

What I discovered, was Supreme Side-Eye Dog

Behold, and weep!

Supreme Side-Eye Dog has earned the distinction of being the only canine in the Side-Eye Hall of Fame, and only the second non-human member.

WTF Cat Proudly welcomes you, 
Side-Eye Dog!

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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Side-Eye Lifetime Achievement Award (Posthumously): Rue McClanahan

Although Ms. McClanahan is no longer with us, she is nonetheless deserving of recognition of her tireless devotion to and relentless pursuit of side-eye excellence. Her expression of disdain and exasperation is without equal. It is my pleasure to bestow the 2010 Side-Eye Lifetime Achievement Award to Rue McClanahan.

Behold and tremble!

blanche side-eye.

Now I need to go watch a Golden Girls marathon...

(Thanks grey[dot]matters for the .gif)

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Sunday, September 5, 2010

Reason #7483 that I love my son: constant source of amusement

Eli... cold, tired, and ready to go home. It dropped to 54 degrees this nite!
So a part of the culture of the Cornfield is the Du Quoin State Fair. It's part awesome, part redneck. But since we live in the Du, attendance is mandatory. I don't really have the time today to delve into the varied glories and atrocities of The Fair, but I wanted to share a convo I had with the boy.

E: Mama, what's wrong with that man?
Me: He's a carney, E.
E: Was he born that way, or did he catch it from someone?
Me: (sniggling) No, baby, it's not a disease... it's a job. It means he travels around everywhere and sets up and runs the fair rides.
E: Do you hafta look like that to run fair rides?
Me: (completely cracking up) No, I guess not, but since they travel all over, I guess it's not easy to keep looking nice...
E: Hmmmph... (mutters) laundrymat and shower... that's all I'm sayin'....
Me: (flatline)

The End.

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