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Friday, June 4, 2010

I am not simple minded....

Hey!! I heard that!  Shut it, you!  I'm not simple minded.  However, the person who wrote the text for one of my classes apparently did not know that.

It's a computer science class.  Actually, there's not all that much "science" to it.  It's more like a "How to use Office" class.  And, ummmm..... I can read.  Pretty much, if you can read, you can use Office.  I'm just sayin'... it ain't rocket surgery or brain science.

So, it looks like a fun filled 8 weeks of diddling about with Word, Excel, Access, and PowerPoint...  yeah.
And the book is a three inch thick, spiral-bound tome.  Fun to lug around.

And I'm coming to the realization that between the kiddo, the workjob, and school, I am looking at some seriously compromised blogging/Twitter/Facebook time.  Hmmm....

But I promise if any truly noteworthy foolishment or rachetness or hosh*t crosses my path, I will make the time to blog it out!!

In the meanwhile, enjoy this fuggary:

Shout out to O Hell Nawl! coz that's where I first saw this mess... laughed til I almost peed!

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