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Monday, May 3, 2010

Blog Swap Monday: Meet my Cosmic Twin, NaturallyAlise

Blogger's Note:  Alise and I are swapping posts today.  You can see what I had to say on her blog Black Woman Lost and Found!  BTW, I am a fat kid.  Fat kids love cake.  I love Alise MORE than I love cake... do the math!

The internet can sometimes be a mysterious, murky, macabre, melancholy, muh-fugging mess of a place.  However, not with my internet crew.  We are a lovely bunch of coconuts, emphasis on nuts.  Let me tell you about one of my lovely unlikely kindred spirits who I am swapping blogs with today...  AMY!  She is the wasabi to my sushi, the ham to my burger, the spicy to my Thai (dang, Precious I'm Hongree!), the ho to my sh*t, the Ru to my Paul, and the Pooh to my Phonte.  The funny thing is for all the ways we seem like we would be opposite, we are eerily and spookily alike.

I jokingly call Amy my melanin-deficient twin sister.  Check out our kindred-spiritness:

My birthday is May 7th, hers May 6th...  we are 11 years and 1 day apart....  spooky right?

We both have an unhealthy obsession with Thai food.

We both have an unhealthy obsession with Erykah Badu.  She is the patron saint of awesomeness.  Recognize.

We love the exact same hip-hop, even down to the old school stuff.

Both our names start with A... we like vowels.

We both have "favorite words" that we like just because how they sound... for example some of my favorite words are: voucher, macabre unconscionable, ennui.....  yeah, I'm a nerd, don't judge me.

We both love us some husky black men...  we like something to hold on to!!!

Who'd of thunk white girl Amy from the cornfield in Illinois would hook up with black girl Afro Aficianado Alise in North Carolina and form an awesome and treasured friendship/kinship.  I love my Amy; her advice and ear have gotten me through a rough patch and I am so glad to call her sister. *Cue the violins*

*Exits stage left, dramatically faints*
(Last week Amy called me "Dramatic McThespian", lol)


~Naturally Alise~

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