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Monday, June 15, 2009

Meetin' the WHOLE Family!!

Ok.... 'nuff with the procrastinating and lazy already! Thanks everyone for being so patient with me. I just didn't have the umph last week to post. Work was a tad bit, well, hellish.... My fellow inmates at the Ranch can attest to that. (April, I expect a comment, Miss Ma'am.)

So, today's topic is The Wedding. My Marc's sister got married on the 6th. It was a really nice wedding. There were a few guests out there bad--who wears plaid bermudas, a sleeveless tee and topsiders to a wedding? Really?? I'm just sayin'..... but over all, the whole thing was lovely. Cyah (the bride) looked like a princess and the groom, Bill, was her prince. (No Purple Rain). The whole wedding party, in fact, looked like they could have come out of a bridal mag.

On to the reception.... the decorations were really beautiful and the DJ was hot (ok, so Marc was the DJ... I might be a little biased). But the people out at the spot were trippin' bout that air... they know they were wrong for not having that joint cooled down by the time the party started! Even before the dinner and dancing started folks were mopping their foreheads and wiping sweat off their necks! Just bogus!! But once they got it going, it cooled down nicely. Of course DJ Marc B. got the sweat rollin' again once the real party started! (Ok, ok.... I'm a LOT biased).

So, you might ask, lovely wedding and reception.... nothing to roast? Why post?

Because I met so many relatives waiting to meet "the girlfriend" that my head was spinning for three whole days with the names n faces!! Now, Marc n I have been down the couple road before, so this wasn't the first time I'd met some of them, but it was the first time I'd seen many of them since we got back together. Including his mother, and lemme tell ya, I was really not sure how that was gonna go. But his mom is really sweet and gracious. She hugged me and started prayin', but the music was bumpin' so loud, I really didn't catch half of what she was prayin' for... I'm pretty sure whatever evil was lurking in the building was rebuked post-haste, however! Then she told me how much she loves her son and how she wants to see him happy. After which she told me "I know he was happy with you before, and I don't know what happened between you. All I know is he seems to be happy with you again, so I hope you all make it work this time."

There were cousins, aunts, sisters and nieces where ever I turned... every one armed to the teeth with interrogation tactics that would make the CIA bow down with respect! It was definitely the female relatives in charge of the situation. I think the men knew they had no say in this one. One cousin, was particularly intense. I wish I had a picture of her *side eye* coz I'm pretty sure it would have met with resounding approval from The PBG and Luvvie. It pinned me to the wall, I'm telling you!! (Said side eye was the punctuation mark on the end of the following sentence: "Marcus is very special to this family, and he deserves someone who's gonna do him right....").

The other end of the spectrum was Marc's sister-in-law who about had our wedding planned by the time the cake was being cut! No matter how many times I repeated that no such wedding was currently even a topic of discussion, she wasn't hearin' it! By the time everybody was hittin' the floor for the compulsory Electric Slide, the woman was designing my dress!

The end result of all this was that my nerves were as frazzled as the ends of Bret Michael's bandanna wig by the time Marc and I left. I worried myself over it for a day and a half. And as much as I love him, Marc wouldn't say shit if he had a mouthful. So, finally, I had to ask.... what's the verdict??

"Aww, boo... you cool."

So there you have it. I'm cool. Downright gushy for Marc.

Now to mentally prepare myself for the family reunion next month.... here we go again!

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Kay, I don't know why you would want me to comment on how "wonderful" work was last week. I think that my "positive attitude" and the "smile" I have on my face every time I walk in that place speaks for itself. I was just sooo "overjoyed" when Jason "let" me come in early and work last Wednesday. It was probably the "best" day of my life! (that wasn't to sarcastic...right)

June 18, 2009 at 10:54 AM  
Blogger amymay said...

I love you Ap! Just needed someone to authenticate how unGodly the Ranch has been lately.... mostly just to rationalize my procrastination.

June 18, 2009 at 1:44 PM  

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