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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Join Me in the Praise Corner! (or Why I Heart Luvvie)

I don't know why, and really, does it matter, but I woke up feeling like a Blessed and Beloved child of God!  So I did what I do with most of the random thoughts and feelings I experience... I Tweeted it.  This started a short exchange between me (@amymay117 on Twitter) and one of the coolest bloggers on Planet Earth, AwesomelyLuvvie (@LuvvieIG on Twitter).  It went a lil sumthin like this:

me:  Feeling blessed and loved today! Yea, I know it's not my usual kinda tweet, but ya gotta give God praise and gratitude, too!

Luvvie:  @amymay117 YESSS Amy!!! You betta SAY DAT! The Big Man Upstairs rocks my socks. And he fights for my tights so I don't have to. *waves fan*

me:  @LuvvieIG I woke up feeling (dare I say it) Spirit Filled today!! I've reached out to some old "friends" *ahem* and put down some baggage...

me:  @LuvvieIG Lemme quit... I'mma be testifying on Twitter here in a minute!!

Luvvie:  @amymay117 Gurl u gon have me singing "This Little light of mine" on Twitter. Giving glory to God (passa, everyones, everyones)

me:  @LuvvieIG I'm on the second verse of "What a Friend We Have in Jesus"... the Choir can't keep up!

Luvvie:  @amymay117 LOL! You besta SANG!!! The Qua (choir) Director in his Sunday Best is gon love you

me:  @LuvvieIG I heart you for appreciating this mood I'm in! LOL! God is Good!

Luvvie:  @amymay117 I appreciate some Lord-thanking anyday (b/c He is great). It's the Bible thumpers that make me go o_0

me:  @LuvvieIG The ones who carry the Book, but never open it??? Them folks ya mean?? mmmmmhmmmmmm.....

Luvvie:  @amymay117 And I'm talm bout the folks who u can't have a convo with w/o them shouting bout them being sanctified. Saved McHolysons

me:  @LuvvieIG Especially when their "ad campaign" isn't backed up by their actions....Loud McTalkerfaces

me:  @LuvvieIG OHHHH!!! What about the ones who act like being on the Church Board is a social accomplishment instead of a chance to Serve God?

Luvvie:  @amymay117 Some folks take their Head Usher duties VERY seriously. Them white gloves don't wear themselves!

me:  @LuvvieIG Let me keep my mood... I'm not perfect, just grateful and blessed. And that's a reason to say Amen!
me:  @LuvvieIG LOL! Them white gloves don't WASH themselves, either!

I know I don't always come across as someone you'd assume would be lovin' her some Jesus, but I am.  I know I'm cranky, sarcastic and a professional at profanity.  I had a child out of wedlock, ain't married to my man and I've got tattoos.  I'm a hot mess, an the Lord knows it.... but he's far from done with me.  And there's material there for Him to work with... I believe, I love, I care.  I may not wear Sunday best everywhere I go.  Maybe I don't always let people see the part of me that knows I'm nowhere and nothing without my God.  But it's in my heart every day, and I tell Him thankyou every day, and I have faith that all things eventually come to His Glory.

And Luvvie, you truly are Awesome! Thanks for sharing that little moment with me today and letting me be who I am (even if it is just on the intrawebs).... glad I eStumbled into your lifespace! You and the rest of the ePosse and the IGs are the Bees Knees!


Blogger Luvvie said...

YESSS!! We heart you too, Amy!

June 5, 2009 at 12:46 AM  

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