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Sunday, April 19, 2009

Red Pump Project--Checkin' Back In

Hey, y'all know this blog rocks the Red Pump for Women and Girls' HIV/AIDS awareness.  I am kinda an AWARENESS and PREVENTION fanatic.  (After all, I'm a nurse and Infection Control and Prevention is part of my gig).

Anyhoo... I haven't addressed HIV for a while, so I thought I oughta put a few thoughts out there.
And they are just some random thoughts.  Soooo........

  • Know Your Status!!!! Get tested!
  • Know Your Partner's Status!!!!  And here's a thought.... If you don't know someone well enough to feel "comfortable" talking about health issues like HIV, STD's or Hepatitis, do you REALLY have any business having sex with them??
  • Stay informed!
  • Get Involved!

Ok, I gotta get out the door to church now, so I'll revisit the topic later.... 
In the meanwhile, go visit the Red Pump Project and check out their topics and resources.

Peace n Blessings!

Nurse Amy

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