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random and pressing details: Zach and Cody have rotted my brain....

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Zach and Cody have rotted my brain....

As the title of this post implies, I have been subjected to way too much Disney Channel lately.  My wonderful 6yr old son has somehow come to the conclusion that Zach and Cody are the penultimate in all things cool.  I beg to differ, but somehow my opinion is consistently disregarded in this matter.

I never intended to let the boy get too into television.  My rationale?  Having always had a weight problem myself, I didn't want the kid to be encouraged to be a couch potato.  Besides, there is precious little on TV that he would like that I can stand to watch also.  And he's a really active kid... soccer, baseball, guitar lessons, playing outside with the neighborhood kids, all of that.  But he has developed an infallible sixth sense... he feels it in his bones when Zach and Cody are on the tube.

Their hotel (now cruise ship--who lives on a cruise ship??) hijinx are as irritating to me as a splinter under a fingernail.  I have an irrational aversion to these little blonde moppets.  I can't even tell you why I have such antipathy toward these kids.  Maybe it's because you can see the plotline coming a mile away.  Maybe it's because they play the cute card until I scream for mercy.  Maybe it's because the show just plain blows.  I dunno... but I can't stand it anymore.
They make me want to pull an Elvis and shoot up the TV.  

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