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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Random stream of thought (trynna stay awake)

I picked up an extra shift on midnites in the ER tomorrow nite, so I'm trying to stay up tonite, so I can sleep tomorrow during the day......  anyway, I'm gonna impose myself on the blogosphere a minute to keep me going.....

I posted a poem on Alise's fantastic blog.... leading me to this thought, I'm becoming addicted to the blogs I follow.  I love 'em.  Each for it's own merit.  Some for humor, some for advice, some for creative outlet, some for advocacy.  

Which leads to the next thought... my eFriends are sometimes more interesting than my in-person friends... (except Shannan, my bestest best friend).

And the next.... Shannan used to write a column for a newspaper, poetry, short stories and she's working on a novel.  So why the hell can't I get her to blog?  She would only be fantastic at it!

This is a pic of us in Shannan's kitchen.  All the good stuff  (conversations n whatnot) happens in her kitchen.  My son, Elijah, loves to hang out at her house.  Of course, he has a crush on Shan.

Next thought, I'm pretty sure my son is going to grow up to be a politician or a grifter.  

Listen to the following con he tried to run on us the other day.  First you hafta know that my dad lives with us (I inherited him when Mom died).  So, the boy comes to me Sunday and says "Pop wants to know if you want to come to eat with us at the Cabin?"  I'm like....I have to go to work, so naw.  

He disappears to the family room (where Pop is).  My brother is also staying with me (he's between wives right now).  So when Eli hears him come home from work, he reappears and says "Uncle Mikey, do you wanna go eat at the Cabin with me and Pop?" Mike's like, yeah, sure. 

Eli disappears again.  About 20 minutes pass.  Dad comes in the room.  "Where are you guys wanting to eat?"  Huh?  No....we thought this was your idea....  One glance at the boy and you immediately see the wheels spinning, and he knows he's caught up!  

Eli wanted to go to the dang spot and eat so he orchestrated the multiple invitation scam... he was tellin' Pop we wanted to go eat, tellin' us Pop wanted to go eat, when all along, the child just wanted a ride to go get some chicken and mashed taters.  

If I wasn't so tired right now, I'd be worried.....

On the other hand, he's also a really sweet kid.  Monday morning I'm taking him to school and the weather here in the Cornfield (aka DuQuoin, IL) was crap!! 34 degrees with a rain snow mix.  So we're getting close to the school when we see this kid, prolly 11yrs old or so, walking in the nasty weather with NO JACKET and a SHORT SLEEVED t-shirt on.  

Eli pipes up from the back seat, "Mama, I know you love me."  
Me:  Of course I do, son, very much.  
"I know you love me 'cause you made me wear my coat."  
Me:  Well, it's cold out, baby.... 
"That kid must be freezing, huh, Mama." 
Me: Yeah, baby, he prolly is.  His mama should have made him wear a coat, too.
 (Wait for it, folks).....  "Yeah, well, his mom needs a lesson!"  
Empathetic with just a hint of humor.  I love my kid!

Ok, well, I've imposed long enough to compose my most random ramble to date.... 

Thank you very much for your time and attention in this matter!

*falls into coma*

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