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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Red Pump Confession

Ok, here it is people, one of my shameful secrets.... I can't walk in heels to save my life. I've tried, oh have I tried!! You know the Clydesdales, the horses that pull the Budweiser wagon? Yeah. Well, they would be more graceful in heels than I am. In fact, my walk in heels is somewhat like a horse with a bad leg. My Mom used to say, if you can't walk in 'em don't wear em. There's nothing sexy about a great pair of shoes on someone who looks like a three year old clomping around in their momma's heels.

So, my confession is that I did not actually wear red pumps today. I did, however, wear a red shirt, AND rocked Honeymoon Red polish on my toenails! I hope I can get at least partial credit for effort. I also made sure to talk to every woman I came in contact with today about HIV. Let's keep the conversation goin' all year long! Our sisters' lives are at stake!

Peace and blessings!


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Blogger Luvvie said...

LMAO Amy. I had my red pumps on for 15 hours and my feet wrote me a sternly worded letter. Turrble.

March 11, 2009 at 3:07 PM  

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