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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Some people are just messed up...

I got to thinkin' about this after my last post.  My fathead brother (fhb) is where the thought originally started.  The PBG made a very perceptive observation about his revolving-door wives, that the common denominator in all that mess is him.  Which of course brought on the conclusion, Hey...know what, fhb IS fukd up!  And there are many things that factor into his fukdupedness....  but then, I saw this isht on the TV about freakin' Octomom getting an offer to do porn!  

Now, this is fukd up.  First of all, allow me to say, ewwwww.  Just ewwwww!  Then allow me to observe, this waste of space needs an eviction notice.  I want her off of my planet.  

She has the audacity to irresponsibly reproduce into double digits without a means of providing adequately for the children.  She starts up a web site asking people to help her to provide for said children, then gets photographed buying makeup at the M.A.C. counter (I'm pretty sure that lipgloss coulda bought some Pampers).  She's about to lose her current living situation and yet has the ovaries to be looking at a crib listed at 1.5 million.  

So why should I be surprized that the porn industry is knocking at her door? The surprize will be in her not conforming to character and further compromising her eternal soul by turning down a job on her back.  What do you think the title will be?  There's already a copyright on Octopussy, so that's out....

In all honesty, fhb is starting to look pretty damn normal!  He's still a fathead, tho.

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