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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

stop being so damn proud of yourself.......

found out that a lady i thought i really helped at work on sunday didn't make it. she started going downhill fast on sunday morning. we busted ass, got on top of things quick, and i thought, turned her around.

well, i was off on monday and tuesday. i found out today that she started getting really bad again monday, and by that evening, they were transferring her to another hospital for dialysis. but it didn't do enough to turn her around.

i'm racking my brains for anything i could have picked up on sooner that could have made a difference, but i'm pretty sure i did all i could have. still, she was really nice. and her family was great. this is the part of the job that sucks..... when you lose em, no matter what you do.

no wonder nurses drink!!! lol....



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