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Sunday, April 26, 2009

Updating the Ranch Gone Techno....

Ok, I blogged yesterday about the PINK  squares on the computer charting system at my Real Job.  Well... it continues to make me crazy!  And it is complicated by the fact that I'm precepting a new nurse on our unit.  She's a really sweet person, and I like her a lot.  I also think she's gonna be a good nurse and an asset to our floor.  That said, I'm having issues with patience.  She's at a point in her orientation where she hasta do it on her own.  It's sink or swim time for her, 'cause her orinetation is almost over.  So I'm sitting there, trying not to do everything for her, trying to will her to have a sense of urgency (some shit has just gotta get done 10 minutes ago!) and trying to teach her "the ropes."  All the while, however, I'm crawling outta my skin thinking how I would have done things differently, how I would have prioritized patient care, and maybe gotten things done more efficiently.  Not nececessarily that my way is the only way or the "right" way or even so much a better way.... Just that it's MY way.  So I have battered myself into a full out migraine today, stressing over this.  

Ok, well that little rant is over.  I'm going to bed now, full of the knowledge that I hafta do it all again bright n early tomorrow, but comforted by the thought that tomorrow is also haiku and Twitter time!  So, eFam, see ya tomorrow nite!


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