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Saturday, April 25, 2009

The Ranch Goes Techno..... ummm. Ok.

Well, this was the big week at my "Real Job," aka The HH Ranch (don't ask me why, get a bunch of nurses together n we come up with stoopid stuff that's not funny to anyone but us).
By big week, I mean the systems wide "go live" on computer documentation/electronic medical records.  It went better than I expected, but I still have some random thoughts on the process.

First, here's a truth:  Nurses, in general, HATE change.  We are creatures of routine, system and habit, most of us.  We like parameters, and rules.  So you would think that the structure of the computer format would appeal to us.... and it does to some of us.  However, most nurses don't like it if you move the coffee pot, much less upset the whole way we are used to going about our day.  It'll be fine once we hit our individual and collective groove, but for now, the computer is nothing but one big monstrous CHANGE!! And it is resented.... like your ex's new girl, you see that it's a good match, but you can't help wanting to dot her in the eye!  

Next, we like to deal with the people... yes, even the ones who test the patience of Mother Teresa.  In a perfect world, we would take care of our patients, have time to spend with the families, focus on patient education, healing and advocacy.  In a perfect world, if it didn't have flesh and bone involved, we wouldn't fux wit it.  But the sad truth is, we spend a lot of time documenting our interventions.... Nursing Law 101: If you didn't document it, you didn't do it.  So all this CHANGE means that while we muddle thru the new system, we are spending a lot more time away from the bedside and a lot less time intervening.   My light at the end of the tunnel, as we become more proficient, we will get faster with the eDocumentation and will return to our usual posts doing instead of documenting.

Now, here's to the meat n rice (heeeyyy, Luvvie!) of the matter.... The computer has revealed in me, personally, a rather strong tendency toward OCD that I never knew existed!  See, stuff like meds and assessments and care summaries show up highlighted in PINK when they are over due.  So I'm looking at the status board for my team of patients, and I see all this PINK all over the place at the beginning of my shift...  

Weeeelllllll, let the palpitations and anxiety begin!  I'm obsessed with clearing off the PINK.   The thing is, it's not just my stuff that turns PINK.  Everybody's stuff that is over due on my status board turns freakin' PINK!  So if Respiratory is late charting a treatment, PINK!  If the CNA hasn't calculated intake and output, PINK!  See what I'm sayin'? I do not have total control of eliminating the PINK!  I. Do. Not. Approve! Then there are the SuperUsers... there to ease us through the transition n whatnot... talnbout "Don't fear the pink... It's a tool, to help you stay on track..."  

I don't FEAR the PINK.  No, dear readers, I LOATHE the PINK!  I ABHOR it. It is my sworn enemy.   Just thinking about that has got my presha up at least 20 points!!  No, the PINK must go!  Or I must be more aggressively medicated.  Atenolol and Wellbutrin are not gonna get me through this, I do not believe! Oh, Lawd save me from PINK squares on my computer screen!

Pray for me y'all!


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