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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

This is for Miss Kendra....

Jon gettn his DadTime on

So, officially, I have about 7 followers... but all the good people I work with at the Ranch read my blogs as well as a good number of my Facebook friends. So when one of my friends at the Ranch makes a special request for me to tackle a topic, I try to oblige.

Kendra made a request today. It is a topic I have previously avoided, b/c the blogosphere is full of stuff about Jon & Kate Plus 8. But since it's Kendra.... Here we go.

First off, I really don't like Kate. She is an emasculating hag, in my humble opinion. Every episode of that show I ever watched was nagging and her perfectionist, OCD-tendencied-ass verbally castrating her hubby. Kate wore the pants in that fam, no doubt. Now, did Jon stand up to her? Not so much. Thus breeds resentment. And that's one thing that is sure to kill love.

So was I surprised when the split was announced. Nope. Did I care much? Nope.

(Although I did feel horrible for the kids. Then when the media circus erupted in their poor lil' faces.... Lawd!! Those poor lil' babes didn't ask to be brought into all that mess.... I see a lot of therapy in their futures... Ain't those kids' fault their parents need to get their collective and individual lives together!)

But here comes the aftermath...

Jon's out clubbin' and movin' on. Kate is making the media rounds bemoaning her lot and getting a lot of sympathy. Like she had nothing to do with the demise of the marriage. If I had been Jon, ol' girl and her crazy ass haircut prolly woulda come up missing... I'm just sayin... I really think, however, if we are truly honest, none of us would wanna be married to that shrew.

I question Jon's choice of gf. She seems a lil' suspect to me, BUT I kinda get where he's coming from, to be truthful. He's feelin' himself and his freedom for the first time in a long time.
As long as he's doing right by his kids, not bending ol' girl over the kitchen table while they're running around the house playing and whatnot, then I say, Hey, Jon! Do you, boo!!

And Kate? Keep it movin' girl. Learn from it. Do better next time. Let ya man keep his manhood... feel me?

Ok, Kendra... I know what you really want me to blast about, and it's forthcoming. Be patient.

See, the reason this sticks in my homegirl's throat (and in mine) is this....


Really, Kendra, I think a better couple to mirror your angst is probably Kelis and Nas (now THERE's a greedy heffa!)

The question at hand is this, why, ladies, when your relationship ends do you feel it necessary to make your ex's life miserable (and his new girl's life as well) just b/c he's not with you anymore?
Furthermore, why do you feel it necessary to use your children as pawns in the said efforts?

LET HIM GO!! As long as he's handling his responsibilities with the children-- and I'm talking in time, love, care, and nurturing as well as the finances--you gotta learn to live and let live. Adjust!! Move on!! Learn who you are and what you want out of life. Be mature. Handle your business, and leave that man alone. Let him move on. If he finds love with somebody else, let him be happy. And never forget that God don't like ugly.

Now, with all that said, if the man isn't taking care of his biz, by all means, check him. But don't be petty about shit. What's over is over. Keep it MOVING!!

My theory (I'm full of these, just ask Alise) on this business? When a relationship ends and one partner moves on and finds happiness, the other partner feels left behind. They might not even want the person back.... they just didn't want them to move on first. Or at all. It's all good for me to get over it, but mufugga, you best be miserable for LIFE!!

Back in the day they called that Dog in the Manger... that dog isn't about to eat the hay or grain in the manger that's been put there for the horses and whatnot, but he doesn't want the horse to eat it either!! "I don't want ya, but I don't want anyone else to have ya."

So, there ya have it... another crackpot post on relationships from your friendly neighborhood Spidermom!

(How was that, Kendra?)

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Anonymous Chocl8t said...

And let the choir say AMEN & Halle-Lu-Yerrrr!!

I agree about that doggone Kate. I personally called her a ballbustin bitch of a shrew on my own site. She is milking this for all the sympathy she can get while Jon looks like the sniveling idiot - although he doesn't help his situation much. LOL

Many women suffer from that Dog in the Manger syndrome. My mom calls it a dog on a haystack but same meanin. LOL

Love your site and your writing style. I've bookmarked you and will be a regular visitor!

Follow me on Twitter and I'll do the same!

Twitter: tastethechocl8t

September 18, 2009 at 7:42 PM  
Blogger amymay said...

@Chocl8t-- Look forward to having you drop by!
Thanks for the kind words!

September 19, 2009 at 4:35 PM  

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