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Monday, July 13, 2009

Random morning stuff...

So, here's a random thought....

I stayed up late last night. No good reason, just did. Mostly just messing around online. Then, this morning, at about 8 am, my phone rings. Wakes me up. It was the Ranch, needing to fill a hole in the schedule (like that's anything new). As I am on vaca, however, I had no intention of answering. But I felt the call of nature, so I got up and stumbled into the loo. Then, having every intention of going back to sleep, I laid back down. Lo and Behold... can't get back to sleep.

Leading me to these random musings....

If the phone hadn't rung, how long would it have been before my bladder forced me out of bed?

Why is it on days when you are free to sleep in, some jackass (sorry Jason) will inevitably call you?

How is it that the man who makes the schedule can forget who is on vaca?

Why will my brain not let me go back to sleep when it knows darn good n well that we got all day to chill?

Well, I'm up now. Might as well take the kiddo to the pool.

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