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Saturday, June 27, 2009

National HIV/AIDS Testing Day

I wanna know how many of you are talking about it today. How many of you thought about it? How many of you even care?

Well, as a Red Pump Project blogger and Ambassador, I find it behooves me to

Once again, the virus is here. It's not going anywhere. The statistics on new infection rates are stunningly scary to me. We should know better by now, people.

I know it's hard to say to someone you care about, "Hey, boo.... let's get tested." But dang, that's what it comes to. Yes... it's hard. But it's your life.

There is great research going on in terms of meds and treatments. There are wonderful resources out there for those who are living with the virus. But keeping this discussion open, advocating for awareness, education, testing and prevention is the real way we are gonna get back the ground we lost to this illness.

So, once again.... here I am on my soap box, singing my same old song... get educated, get involved, get tested.
For more statistics, resources and education see The Red Pump Project website or visit the CDC online.

Locally, in the Southern 19 counties of Illinois, the HIV Consortium out of the Jackson County Health Department offers wonderful support programs and resources for those living with HIV/AIDS. Also, all of the County Departments of Health offer confidential, free testing. Each office has a Registered Nurse on staff who coordinates and facilitates services for those living with the virus.

No one has to be alone in this. Let's not let this conversation die out, or let the topic be put on the back burner. HIV is real, and it isn't going anywhere.

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