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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

It's Vandalyzm, y'all!!

So my eHomey and St. Louis native, Vandalyzm has a new mixtape out. He's a very talented Emcee and all around good guy....  Ok, so that's a stretch.  He can be an ass. But it's all good, he's a good hearted ass!!  And he knows he's an ass, so it doesn't really count... anyhoooo....  His MegatronMajorz has been in constant rotation on all my players since I copped it. And I'm outrageously hyped about this new bit of Van brilliance. (Don't get ya head all inflated, Van... you still look like a bootleg Usher!).

Now, the best part is this new drop, Soulspazm Digital & Trackstar the DJ Presents: Vandalyzm is Not the Father is coppable (yeah, I made that word up... get over it) FOR THE FREE!! Woot!! You have no excuse not to check out ol' boy's music.  You'll be glad you did.  Also, follow him on the Twittah... he's hella funny and brutally honest!

Here's the link:    

You're welcome.

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