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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Hi! I'm still alive n sh*t...

Eli's birthday party was held at the bowling alley this past Saturday. He and his little minions... I mean friends had a blast. He officially turns 7 tomorrow... Nov. 19. He's growing up so fast!! I love his lil' mocha self!!

So anyone who knows anything about me knows that I have a wonderful kiddo who I love more than socks, chocolate cake, grilled cheese sammiches and air! Eli is smart, funny, creative and sweet. And he luuuuuuuvvvvssss his mama!!

This post is dedicated to him because tomorrow is his bornday!

This is my interview with my son, Elijah. (Pay attention, he's gonna be famous some day!!)

Me: What is your favorite color?

Eli: Red because it's the same color of fire. (Not sure if this should worry me or not...)

Me: What is your favorite book?

Eli: Dinosaur books because they're awesome... their sharp teeth and sharp claws are cool!

Me: Who is your best friend and why?

Eli: I have two best friends. Who are they? First one, Eli H. because he's my neighbor. The other one is Garrick. He lives across the street and lets me play his video games.

Me: What is your favorite passtime? (had to explain "passtime" to him)

Eli: Playing video games.

Me: Even though you don't have a system? (Don't judge me... I would rather he read than play Mario or whatever)

Eli: I also like to tackle people!!! Whenever Garrick has the ball when we're playing outside, I always grab and tackle him. He can never get me.

Me: Do you have any special talents?

Eli: Yes. I can dance Hip Hop. I have really good football talent at tackling. I am learning to play the guitar. That's gonna help me get the chicks!! I write stories for you, Mom. I'm a good reader.

Me: Do you have a girlfriend? (yea, Mom's diggin' for info)

Eli: NO!! Well... Angela, she's a peach girl. I still don't have a brown girlfriend again, but I'm looking. (He's very color literal...*shrug*)

Me: What do you want to be when you grow up?

Eli: In the military. (He's seen GI Joe a few too many times) Or a Hip Hop guitar player, you know, for the chicks... Or a DJ *insert a mimicking of scratch/mix type actions and a fairly good beatbox beat of about 25 seconds*

Me: What's your favorite thing about school?

Eli: Nothing, really... Reading class and library.

So there you have it. Eli's first official interview. And before you ask, yes, he really is that girl-crazy already. I think it's all the hormones in the poultry. But that's a conspiracy for another blog!

Edit: Yes, those are turntables on his Tee... it's his current favorite. I'm just glad it was clean for the party or it woulda been some drama.

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