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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Bad Amy!! BAD, BAD Amy!!!

I've been a negligent blog momma lately. I have no excuse for myself. I'll show myself to the corner and think about what I've done....

Ok, not really...

So some randomosity for your perusal...

Fact--I have been pulled over by the Illinois State Police and given (thank you Jesus) a warning citation in EVERY single vehicle I have driven in the last 4 weeks. Seriously. For some bullshiggity, too!! (Burned out light over the license plate on two occasions and 5 miles over the speed limit on the third). One trooper even searched my car because it was after midnight, and when he asked where I was coming from I responded, truthfully, Memphis. Apparently, that was cop code for "illegal stuff in the car." Sorry, Officer Arsehat, I value my child, personal liberty, career and LIFE too much to be that STUPID.

Fact--I checked my myspace page (no, I haven't deleted it yet.... don't judge me!!) and discovered a friend request from my ex-husband. *blank stare* From whom I have been divorced for about a decade n a half.... Yeah.... I don't get it either. Marc was amused. Not sure why. But he's all full of white boy jokes now n whatnot. Funny man, my boo. o_O

Fact--I plucked my eyebrows almost into oblivion tonite. That has nothing to do with anything.
It just is.

Ok, I promise a better post soon, but this is better than nothing. Or maybe it isn't. Oh, well, we'll get over it!

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